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ACEC California PAC

Exercise your constitutional right to political expression.


Support the California American Council of Engineering Companies PAC!


What is CA-ACEC-PAC?

The California American Council of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee (CA-ACEC-PAC) makes campaign contributions to deserving candidates for state elected office.  This includes candidates for the California State Assembly, Senate and statewide constitutional offices (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, etc.).  CA-ACEC-PAC is affiliated with the American Council of Engineering Companies of California (ACEC California, 1303 J Street, Suite 450, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 441-7991).


What is CA-ACEC-Issues Fund?

The CA-ACEC-Issues Fund (CA-ACEC-IF) is a separate fund for supporting and opposing statewide ballot propositions.  Depending on the election the CA-ACEC-PAC Board of Governors may notify members that a portion of their dues will go to CA-ACEC-IF and a portion to CA-ACEC-PAC.  At any time member firms and individuals may make extra donations to CA-ACEC-IF as well as CA-ACEC-PAC.  



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Contact for ACEC California PAC

Brad Diede, Executive Director