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Intent to Enter - 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards
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May 1, 2020


To all ACEC California Members and Prospective Members:


This is your opportunity to participate in ACEC California’s

2021 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) program. We encourage you to submit an entry for a project worthy of prominence and recognition in which your firm was involved.   


The Engineering Excellence Awards program recognizes successfully completed projects that stand out based on the quality and complexity of the project. The program is an opportunity to promote not only your firm but also our profession through outstanding projects. Award winners will be honored at a banquet hosted by ACEC California's Scholarship Foundation on February 4, 2021, at the Fairmont San Francisco, in San Francisco. Award winners will receive extensive statewide promotion through ACEC California. All banquet proceeds will benefit the ACEC California Scholarship Foundation.


Furthermore, the Golden State and Honor Award recipients will have the opportunity to enter the ACEC National competition. ACEC members and media from all over the nation will recognize competition winners at a black-tie dinner in Washington, D.C., is TBD, in conjunction with ACEC's Annual Convention and Legislative Summit.   


If you wish to enter the 2021 competition, complete the Intent to Enter form below.


Upon receipt of this form, you will be sent the Official Entry as soon as it is available. It is highly encouraged to complete the Intent to Enter form early, so that your firm receives all notifications and has ample time to prepare an entry. Final project submittals are due by Friday, September 25, 2020.   


Please contact Holly Cole at the ACEC California office at (916) 340-6308 or for additional information on this excellent firm recognition program. We look forward to your entry.




John Moossazadeh

Chairman, EEA Committee

Hotel Information


Attendees can call (866) 540-4491 and ask for ACEC CA EEA 2021 or ACEC 2021. They can also visit book online.


Qualification Details


To enter a project in the ACEC California competition, engineering and land surveying firms must have an office based in California or be an ACEC California member. Submitted projects must be substantially completed and ready for use between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2020 (Projects in Categories A and D must have been publicly disclosed by the client between this time period)


Awards may be given in any or all categories at the ACEC California level, at the discretion of the panel of judges. The Golden State Award will be presented to the best overall project in the competition. Only the Golden State and Honor Award winners are eligible to advance to the ACEC National competition.


Before beginning to prepare a project entry, it is suggested that entrants make certain the client and/or owner will grant permission to enter this project in the state and/or national competition, will authorize the release of information about the project and approves of the project summary.


*Entry into the ACEC National level requires completion of a separate project notebook and photographic panel, in accordance with ACEC National guidelines.    



Category A:

Category E:

Category I:

Studies, Research and Engineering Consulting




Special Projects

Non-Design services, projects not involving the preparation of construction documents.


· New Products, materials and technologies

· Expert testimony

· Basic research and studies

· Computer/software technology

· Technical papers

· Public outreach/involvement

· Water conservation

· Security plans

· Project feasibility, economic or risk studies

· Value engineering


· Hazardous waste

· Solid waste

· Restoration/reclamation/remediation

· Recycling

· Waste pond management

· Carbon sequestration and trading

· Mitigation

· Air Quality

· Noise

· Safety and security

· Corrosion protection/cathodic    protection

· Program & construction management

· Land development

· Trenchless technologies/directional boring

· Recreational facilities

· Subsurface engineering

Category B:

Category F:

Category J:

Building/Technology Systems


Water and Storm Water

Small Projects

· Mechanical/electrical/plumbing

· Computer/technology

· Communications

· Acoustics

· Software systems

· Sustainability or carbon neutrality

· Efficiency certification standards, e.g. LEED

· Energy efficiency – new and retrofit

· Secure facilities (military, research, correctional)


· Wastewater collection/treatment and disposal

· Residuals management and reuse

· Graywater systems

· CSOs

· Mine tailings

· Agricultural

· Storm water management

· Erosion control

Total project construction budget does not exceed $2.5 million. (except for entries in Category A, projects under $2.5 million are not limited to this Category, at the entrants discretion.)

Category C:

Category G:

Category K:

Structural Systems

Water Resources



· Foundations

· Tunnels

· Buildings

· Seismic design

· Towers

· Bridges

· Stadiums

· Hydraulics, hydrology

· Surface and groundwater supply

   development sep point treatment

· Transmission, distribution and storage

· Watershed management

· Water use reduction

· Flood risk management

· Climate adaptation

· Coastal and eco-system restoration

· Locks/dams/water control structures

· Irrigation

· Treatment

· Transmission and distribution

· Power generation

· Renewable energy

· Cogeneration

· Energy storage technologies

· Energy usage reduction programs

· Demand side management

Category D:

Category H:

Category L:

Surveying and Mapping Technology


Industrial and Manufacturing Processes and Facilities


· Geometrics, ALTA, land title and rights surveys

· Control, GPS, monitoring or construction surveying

· Survey mapping, GIS/LIS, photogrammetry

· Highways

· Rail

· Airports

· Marine/ports

· Public transit

· Intermodal facilities

· Petrochemical

· Biotech

· Manufacturing

· Heavy industry

· Industrial waste

· Materials handling

· Mining, metallurgy, mineralogy


Dates to Remember


June 1, 2020

Intent to Enter information is sent to all firms. Official Entry will be mailed once the Intent to Enter is received.

July 31, 2020

Intent to Enter deadline.

July 1, 2020

The Official Entry Form. The Official Entry Form will be available by July 1, 2020.

September 25, 2020

Deadline for submission of Official Entry Form and delivery of completed project to ACEC California office.

Early November 2020

Judging will take place and results will be announced.

January 1, 2021

ACEC National EEA deadline for submission (


February 4, 2021

ACEC California EEA Banquet will be hosted by ACEC California Scholarship Foundation and held at the Fairmont San Francisco in San Francisco. All banquet proceeds benefit ACEC CA Scholarship Foundation. (View the 2020 Winners Here)


ACEC National Awards banquet will be held in Washington, D.C. (


2021 Intent to Enter

To enter a project in the 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards competition, please complete the form below. Upon receipt of this form, ACEC California will send the entry preparer the required information, guidelines and forms for the official entry.   


To submit more than one project, please complete the form below for each additional project.