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ACEC California Individual Awards



In recognition of the engineering achievements and contributions to society made by ACEC California members, the following individual awards have been established and are bestowed at the direction of the ACEC California President and Board of Directors. For more information on nominating someone for an individual award, refer to appendix I of the ACEC California's Leadership Manual or contact Christian Anger via email or by calling (916) 441-7991.

  1. Nominations and supporting materials for individual awards must be postmarked no later than November 30 of each year and sent to the ACEC California office. Late nominations will not be considered.
  2. ACEC California’s Organization and Planning Committee will review nominations for individual awards and make a recommendation to the ACEC California Board of Directors. Only the Board can bestow an award. The Board will usually make its decisions on awards at its January meeting.
  3. The awards, except one, will normally be presented to the recipients at the ACEC California Annual Conference in the spring. The exception is the award of Honorary Director which will be bestowed at the Board’s annual meeting in July.
  4. Honorary Director. Upon the conclusion of service on the Executive Committee, all past presidents of ACEC California are automatically nominated to be Honorary Directors. A specific nomination is not necessary.
    The ACEC California Bylaws provide: “At its discretion, the Board of Directors may elect a former president to the position of Honorary Director who will have the privilege of the floor but no right to vote.”
  5. Honorary Member. The ACEC California bylaws provide as follows:

    “The Board of Directors may bestow the title of Honorary Member on any individual who has distinguished himself or herself by special service to or on behalf of ACEC California or who has been outstanding in furthering the ideals of consulting engineering or surveying.

    Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of application fees and dues.

    Except for the right to vote as described in Article IV, Subsection C2b, an Honorary Member shall enjoy all the privileges of an Individual Member.

    An Honorary Membership in ACEC California does not in itself entitle the member to any rights or privileges in any other association, society, or club.

    An Honorary Member may not be an Officer or Director of ACEC California.”
  6. President’s Award. From time to time ACEC California, acting upon the recommendation of the President and the Organization and Planning Committee, bestows the President’s Award in recognition of a member’s particularly outstanding contributions to ACEC California and the consulting engineering and land surveying professions.

    There is no specific frequency for the awards. However, they should be made infrequently enough to maintain their special and unique character.
  7. Distinguished Service Award. Only persons not affiliated with ACEC California are eligible for the Distinguished Service Award. There is no limitation on the field of activity of the recipient except that it must be in a field in which ACEC California is competent to judge.

    The award is given in recognition of outstanding effort which enhances the engineering and land surveying professions and benefits the general public. There is no definite time interval between awards, but they should be given infrequently enough to keep the award meaningful. No more than one award may be given each year.

    Any individual member or chapter may nominate someone for the Distinguished Service Award. The nominator should send a letter of nomination with supporting information to the ACEC California office by the November 30 deadline.
  8. The chapters are encouraged to establish and bestow awards on chapter members, which recognize outstanding contributions to their local communities.
  9. Grassroots Advocate.

    Nominations must come from a Chapter officer and should include a letter containing detailed reasons for the nomination, as well as any supporting materials.

    Eligible candidates must be ACEC California members who demonstrate an active role in their community through outreach/communication to their legislators. Outreach may be done through a variety of methods including, but not limited to, fundraising, letters to the Legislature, increasing community awareness, etc.

    Entries must be postmarked no later than December 15 of each year and sent to the ACEC California office. Late nominations will not be considered.

    ACEC California’s Grassroots Committee will review nominations for the Grassroots Advocate Award and make a final selection. The Award will usually be presented at the luncheon on Legislative Visit Day.
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