Business Insurance Trust A Great Member Benefit

ACEC Business Insurance Trust (BIT) enhances Deductible Assistance Program. Business Insurance Trust also reports 2/3 of quoted accounts are written.

The ACEC Business Insurance Trust (BIT), an independent trust established by ACEC national and governed by ACEC members for ACEC members, offers exclusive coverage for automobile liability and physical damage, workers' compensation and the "Spectrum" package policy that affords protection for buildings, business personal property, money and securities, business liability, equipment breakdown computers and media. Catastrophe liability protection is available through umbrella coverage. 

The BIT’s Deductible Assistance Program makes voluntary payments to members to assist in covering deductible amounts paid by member firms under the ACEC business Insurance Program policies for automobile and property claims. In other words, deductibles paid by the insured are reimbursed by the Trust. The maximum deductible assistance payment limits are $1,000 per claim with no annual cap. This is subject to available funds in the program.

Two-thirds of the accounts quoted are eventually written through the Business Insurance Trust and the program benefits the national ACEC association as well as the local state member organizations. 

For more information contact Woody Germany at [email protected] embers.